Monday, May 21, 2012

I'm not yet where I want to be but I am so much farther than I used to be!

Well as many of you know I had my check in today and yes I had some great results but let me back up a little bit. This last week I busted my butt. I was so keyed in on my eating, not one extra lick of anything. I was feeling lean and mean and could tell by how my clothe fit and what I saw in the mirror that my body was changing. I have to admit that this last month my battle with the scale has been frustrating. Friday I weight in at 140.1 and a month ago when I had my check in I was 141.0. How frustrating is that that I was busting my butt in the gym and the scale had gone up one week .4 pounds and the next 1.0 pounds. And one Friday night I was so frustrated that I came home from work, I ate 2 jello cups and 3 pickle spears and cried my eyes out. But you know what I did not quit!!!
Well this weekend was crazy, like I said weighed in on Friday at 141.0. Saturday I had a long day. I had to get up at 3:15 am to go to a conference in Bloomington, MN so I packed my food and took my cooler in and ate my food when I was supposed to utilizing a gas station microwave twice. I got home about 8:00 and got ready and went and hit the gym, even though my body was tired, I was committed. I was going to get my workout in. Because I my schedule I decided to switch my Saturday and Sunday workouts and my refeed to Sunday as well. Well, when I woke up on Sunday, I thought to myself, I'm going to weigh myself just to see cuz I know the scale will be up tomorrow because of my refeed. So I stepped on the scale and could absolutely not believe my eyes. 137.8! WHAT????? for real? 
I couldn't believe it. Well I went to the gym and got all the housework and laundry done, food prep, typical Sunday stuff. This morning woke up. Honestly I expected that drop to be just a freak thing and expected it to be above Friday's weight because almost always is my weight up on Monday from Friday. But guess what, 138.5! Now I had been really excited for my check-in today, but seeing my weight drop all of a sudden, got me even more excited.
Well finally 1:00 came and it was time for my Check-in with Ryan. We did weigh-in and measurements and pics. After I changed and came out Ryan showed me my stats and man was I happy about them. My body fat dropped from 20.8% to 17.5%. Waist dropped 1.25 inches, hips .25 inches, my left thigh had been slightly bigger than my right but this week they evened out and my left thigh dropped 1/4 in making them both 21 5/8 inches, arms stayed exactly the same. 
I asked Ryan if I could see the pics, and thank goodness I did because for some reason his camera hadn't saved 2 of the pics. So didn't get to see them before I left. Well, Ryan emailed me my pics along with the comment that he figured up my lean body mass and not only had I dropped 3.3% body fat, but I had also gained 2.7 pounds! Holy crap! OMG! I was amazed! So my hard work, my busting my butt, my adding those 2 extra cardio sessions in and I actually am seeing my hard work pay off! I may have only dropped 2.5 pounds by todays weigh in, but that is such a small measure compared to the progress that was made! 
I have to say after seeing the numbers change, both body fat and inches, I am super pumped! This makes me so excited to see what the coming months bring!
This coming week is going to be a stretch and a challenge for me. We are going to visit family in TN and guess what that means, bringing most of my food along with. There is no way that I am going to let some time off work and out of my routine get me off track! I found a Gold's Gym that I will be frequenting during this trip! I am excited for the time off and the extra sleep that I'll be able to get. It was be very nice and I'll get to see some family and friends that I haven't seen in 18 months or more!
I feel like I have a renewed sense of will and purpose today! I am putting in the work and I am doing my thing! I am committed and nothing/no one can stop me! I will do/be the absolute best that I can be. Every single day I will give it 100%! Just you watch!!!!
Now here they, my progress pics! Please feel free to give me feedback, good or bad!  (sorry the quality isn't the clearest, wanted them a bit bitter so they could be seen better)


  1. OMG!!!!!!! Super super hot!!' awesome girl! Your amazing & your enthusiasm gets my pumped up too!!!!! Awesome job!!!

  2. I love the excitement you have in this blog!! I am so proud of you and your pictures look amazing!!! YOU are AMAZING!!! Love ya :)