Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Competition with Myself!

I have had a good week! I enjoyed a yummy cheat meal last weekend, which some of you may have seen that 
I posted the picture on facebook. I was completely on plan all week. Followed my meal plan to a T and had awesome workouts. Today was back and biceps and I always get an awesome arm pump on these days. I was doing seated cable rows today and mid rep I looked over in the mirror and glanced at my arm and was like, DANG! I love awesome! I couldn't believe the definition of the muscle that I saw! Wow! 
While I was at the gym today I was also thinking about how a majority of the time I am at the gym I am the only girl in the weight room. I was thinking to myself today, You know, I am the queen of this weight room! I rule this weight room. This led me to some more thinking. I worked my butt off in the gym this week, I do every week. No matter what the scale says, I should be proud of how hard I have worked! There is no reason to get down on myself if the scale doesn't budge, because I know that I did my best! And you know what I decided today? I decided that no matter what that scale says tomorrow morning, whether it goes down a pound, or 1/4 pound or not at all, while I won't be very happy, I WILL not let it discourage me nor define me. I will continue to push myself with all that I am. 
I am such an all or nothing person. I don't do things half heartedly, I'm IN this thing, completely 100% whole heartedly and I'm not just going to half-ass it! I will push myself with all my might! I WILL be the best that I can be. This is a competition, not with anyone else, but with myself. I need to stop looking around at where other people are at and wish I looked like them. Instead I vow to focus on my improvements, every week I need to be thinking of the positive outcomes, whether or not the number on the scale changed.