Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The scale is simply a measure


So today was my first check in with my trainer. I was nervous as well as excited. I was super frustrated on Monday morning when I weighed in at more than I weighed on Friday without even having a cheat meal. I kind of have seen this trend and I think that it has to do with the facts that my schedule is so different on the weekends, which means meal timing is completely off schedule as well as I have a very difficult time getting my water consumption in. Something I really need to work on.
I wouldn't weight myself today but since I was meeting with Ryan for measurements I decided to. To my surprise it was down to 144.8, which was .1 pound less than Friday. Hmmm... interesting.
So I was anxious all day, just wondering what the results would be. 
Finally noon came and I took off to see Ryan. He measured me, took pics and tested my body fat and then I want and changed back into my work clothes while he figured up the numbers.
Surprisingly inches wise, things hadn't changed much which we both thought was a little strange. Though my legs were thicker but had lost fat and gained muscle, my arms were smaller, which I'm totally OK with especially since I have seen my strength go up so much.
*oh, side note, I had some great personal bests this week! Yesterday I benched 115 lbs 3 sets of 5, did 1 arm DB rows 50 lbs 2x5 and 1x8, going up next week. Today was lower body and I squatted 165 2 sets of 5, 1 set of 8. Deadlift was 165 as well 3 sets of 5! It's exciting to see my strength going up! I feel so powerful!*
So Ryan went over the numbers and I had started out at (he measured me on 2/8 and I started his meal plan and workouts on 2/13), after my bulking phase, mind you, 151 pound, a body fat percentage of (cringe) 25%, ugh. Waste was 30.5", hips 37 3/8", thighs 21.75, 21 7/8, arms 13, 13.25.
 Today was exactly a month since the day I started. 
Well, I weighed in this morning, like I said at 144.8. My body fat went down to 21.7%. waist measured at 31 1/8, hips 37 7/8", thighs were 22 3/8, 22.25, arms 12.75, 12 7/8.
Strange that my waste was actually measured at bigger, though as you will see in the pictures it def looks smaller. Ryan said that some different factors could have caused that, where I'm at in my cycle, bloating, etc. My legs were thicker and my arms were smaller.
I'm pretty happy about the body fat %. 4 weeks and dropped over 4% body fat? I am giving myself a pat on the back, cuz I have worked my ass off! Keeping on plan with my diet and my workouts! 
And Ryan said I probably would get a cheat meal this weekend!!!! Yay pancakes, here I come!!!
ok so here are the pics. I'm nervous about showing these pictures, but I want to be completely honest in this blog and that means showing where I'm starting from. Any feedback from you all would be welcomed.


  1. Looking good girl! Keep up your hard work! Glad to see you blogging.

  2. Woah!!! Is this just from when you started with your trainer?!?! Wow! Keep up the great work!! I DEFINITELY see the progress you're making!!

  3. Fantastic progress! It's very obvious that what you're doing is working! KEEP GOING! <3

  4. You should be so proud of yourself honey!! Keep going strong!!! xoxo

  5. I can see the progress. I'm thinking of hiring a trainer, too.