Thursday, April 19, 2012

Compare myself to who I was yesterday

So I came across this quite this morning on facebook and I thought how applicable it was to me. I have such a hard time not constantly thinking about how far I have to go and just how I have so much work to do and I don't ever just sit back and look at myself and take pride in the progress that I have made. So this is me telling myself. "I have done an awesome job! I have worked my butt off and I should be damn proud of myself."

I had a really good week, especially compared to last week. Monday was the final day before the tax deadline and I ended up waking up late due to my alarm not going up. I was like are you kidding me? I did not want another week like last week. But I told myself I would not let it ruin my day. I knew I needed that extra sleep to get over the cold that I was still fighting and guess what, after working non-stop on Monday, I didn't even take a break for lunch, just heated up my food and ate at my desk,  I went to the gym and had an amazing upper body workout with an awesome pump and all. It was kinda strange working out at night, different feel of the gym, different people. And I was still basically the only girl in the weight room, showin' all the guys. I'm sure they wondered who the heck I was and where had I come from, lol.

Here's a snapshot of the nice pump I had going on :)
Well I felt really good about this week. I woke up this morning and weighed in since I was meeting with Ryan for my check in and was very happy with what the scale had to say, especially after it went up last week. 141.0! Last Friday it was 142.9 and the two weeks before that both had been 142.5! Progress!!!

Work dragged all morning and finally it was 12:45 and time to go. Got to Nutrisport got all measured, body fat and inches and practiced a little posing and then progress pics.

I came out from changing and Ryan had all the stats pulled up. Since the last check-in a month ago I am down 1% body fat, about pounds, an inch off my hips and about an inch off each thigh. He said he was also really happy with how my lats came in.

So good check in, but I hadn't gotten to see the pics yet so here comes the waiting game of pics. Got them at about 6 but had to head out to an Herbalife meeting at 6:15. So here I am 10:30 and I finally got the pics side by side for comparison. I would love any feedback you guys have once again. I do apologize that the most recent ones turned out kind of blurry. I am going to admit that I do see progress. I am super excited to actually see some definition in my back. I have noticed that my strength in my back really has gone up, those pull-ups are getting easier. I can now start all three sets with 4 full-on pullups before I switch to assisted.
Can't wait to see where next month and the months to come take me!

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