Wednesday, February 15, 2012

one, two, three.... GO!!!!!

So I started my new program my trainer gave me as of Monday and I was SO incredibly happy to get started. Sunday I did all my meal prep, boiled chicken, boiled sweet potatoes, cooked brown rice, cooked my green beans and broccoli. Went to the store for more chicken and boiled some more as well as got some more tupperware containers since I didn't have enough. I counted out 7 almonds and put them in baggies. I weighed and separated and labeled meals for my entire week. I was gonna be prepared!!!!

So Monday and Tuesday were power workouts, Monday upper body, Tuesday lower body, and today was my first day of the cardio and abs. Nothing too crazy 5 min warmup, abs, 5 min warmup, 10 min of intervals, 10 min of moderate intensity and 5 min cool down, followed by some foam rolling and stretching.

Now diet, I have done very well on the diet so far I feel like. No cheats, no substitutions. Have been drinking a cup of Good Earth Sweet and Spicy tea in the evenings after dinner when I find myself still hungry.

Now, I know I probably should be staying off the scale. Monday, I had to weigh in to send my starting weight to my trainer.... Eeek! I weighed in and was actually surprised because honestly I thought I had gained more during this bulking phase. It was 6 weeks long and I was just feeling so huge and so bloated and my clothes were getting tight. So I stepped on the scale, before bulking my weight was 140 even. Monday morning it was 151.1. (sigh, somewhat of relief, somewhat of omg, I can't believe I'm at that weight!). So weighed in yesterday morning and was shocked and excited to see that it had gone from 151.1 to 148.2! wow! almost 3 pounds. Now granted, I know that it was probably mostly water weight, but nonetheless, mentally it was a great relief, made me feel a little bit better. This morning, guess what, down to 147.8. Slowly but surely, I'll get back to my starting weight and get so much leaner. My goal is within 3 weeks to be back to 140, but I'm hoping at the rate I'm going I'll get there sooner!

I'm so excited to see this transformation. Once I see some progress I def will be posting pics!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!! You will do great and don't get too caught up in that scale too often; it can really mess with our heads!! LOL I can't wait to keep hearing more...Good luck, girl!!